340 Plaza Road • Kingston, NY 12401 • 845-339-4722

404 Zena Road • Woodstock, NY 12498 • 845-679-4318

4080 Route 28 • Boiceville, NY 12412 • 845-657-2700

Kingston Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is the premier provider of
Physical Therapy services in Kingston, Woodstock, and Ulster County
Are you affiliated with Kingston Hospital?
No, Kingston Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, PC is an independent practice, owned by physical therapists.

Where are you located?
We have three locations; the Kingston Plaza in Uptown Kingston, Zena Road in Woodstock, and Route 28 in Boiceville. See our Locations page for more information.

Do you have evening or weekend appointments?
We are open until 7:00pm Monday through Thursday. We do not offer weekend appointments.

What should I wear to my appointment?
You should wear comfortable clothing that won't hamper your motion. If possible it should allow easy access to the area of your body for which you are being treated. We do have gowns which you can wear if needed.

Do you have both male and female therapists?
We have 1 female Physical Therapist, 4 male Physical Therapists, a female Physical Therapist Assistant, and a male Occupational Therapist.

May I ask for a specific physical therapist?
Absolutely! You may request any therapist you desire. This is an important partnership, one in which we want and need you to feel comfortable and confident.

Do you have a therapist who works well with children?
Quite honestly, we have 5, plus our Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants. All of our therapists have worked with children as well as the elderly; from infants to patients up to 100 years old!

Will I always see the same therapist?
Yes, the therapist who evaluates you at your initial visit will follow you throughout the course of your rehabilitation.

What type of equipment do you have?
We have state of the art equipment including: Cybex UBE®, Biodex ® Isokinetic, Eagle® knee equipment, therapeutic hand equipment, Monarch® stationary bikes, BAPS® board, Rebounder ® system, Treadmill, Stairmaster®, LIDO® leg press, free weights and ankle weights, therapeutic resistive band equipment, Body Blade®, Exercise balls, bolsters and mats, individualized exam rooms. We refuse to chase fads or trends, but as new equipment becomes available we are consistently among the first to evaluate the benefits.

You will be instructed in the safe and efficient use of each piece of equipment by a member of our trained staff.

How much time should I allow for each visit?
Please allow one hour for your initial visit. Your therapist will inform you as to how long your follow-up visits will be. We also ask that you arrive about 15-20 minutes early for your first appointment to complete some necessary paperwork.

Is there much paperwork?
We hate filling out forms as much as the next person, but there is information we must gather so your visits are covered by insurance. Far more important, however, is how this information will help us tailor a program best suited to your rehabilitation, while ensuring we do nothing to aggravate underlying conditions. Rather than arrive for your first appointment, you may also print and complete what you need on our Forms page.

Can I self-refer?
Yes. In the state of New York, a licensed physical therapist may provide a patient with treatment in the practice of physical therapy without a prescription from a medical practitioner for ten visits or thirty days, whichever occurs first. Your health insurer may or may not cover physical therapy services without a prescription. It is advised that you contact your health insurer to determine if a physician's prescription is required to receive reimbursement for physical therapy.

Do you accept my health insurance?
Probably. We accept most major insurance carriers, but you can check our Insurance page to be certain.

Are your physical therapists licensed or certified?
Yes. To practice physical therapy in the state of New York, the therapist has to be licensed after graduating from an APTA accredited school and completing the national exam. Our Physical Therapist Assistants are certified by the state.

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