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Kingston Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is the premier provider of
Physical Therapy services in Kingston, Woodstock, and Ulster County
  Injury Prevention Program

Kingston Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is now offering the student-athletes of Ulster County a new program designed to decrease their risk of injury and to improve sports performance.

Every year, more than 3.5 million children ages 14 years and younger are treated for sports injuries. Nearly half of all injuries sustained by middle school and high school students during sports are overuse injuries. Almost 40 percent of patients who are treated for sports-related injuries in hospital emergency departments are children ages 5 to 14 years. Athletes who have not maintained their fitness levels may be at higher risk.

Most team oriented preseason training programs do not focus on sport specific activities. In addition, they do not have the time to design an individualized program for each athlete to focus on “at risk areas of movement,” which may lead to injury. This is where our expertise can help.

Kingston Physical Therapy’s Injury Prevention Program consists of:

  • Injury prevention program for Ulster County StudentsIndividual functional evaluation
  • Trainings sessions supervised by licensed Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers
  • Identification of at risk movement dysfunctions
  • Sport-specific exercises
  • Exercises focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance, proprioception, and plyometrics
  • Athlete is provided with pre and post training assessments, including an individualized home exercise program to maintain physical fitness gains, which are made during training sessions

8 sessions - 2x/week for 4 weeks
Cost - $200

Kingston Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab, P.C.
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