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Kingston Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is the premier provider of
Physical Therapy services in Kingston, Woodstock, and Ulster County
I ruptured the biceps tendon in my left arm. An MRI revealed significant damage to the rotator cuff on the same side. An orthopedic surgeon advised me that I would eventually require an operation on my shoulder; in the meantime he unenthusiastically prescribed a course of physical therapy. My goal, which seemed dubious, was to play golf while avoiding surgery. Guided by Gerry and Nicole, I began a regimen of increasingly vigorous PT sessions. My shoulder quickly regained strength and range of motion, and after a month I put it to the test at the driving range. To my amazement, I swung freely and comfortably and have resumed playing golf. It seems like a miracle.

GP, Woodstock

An accident on the job caused a back injury so severe that surgery was the only option. The symptoms affected not only my back but my leg and required me to walk with a cane, even after surgery. After completing a rehabilitation program with Kingston Physical Therapy I'm back on the job and can honestly say that my life isn't compromised in any way by my injuries.

BD, Hurley

I had been receiving physical therapy elsewhere and was a bit surprised at how much more intensive the rehab program was at Kingston Physical Therapy. I adapted, however, and was very pleased at how much quicker I moved along in my recovery. The folks here seem genuinely interested in not only in helping you recover, but doing so as quickly as reasonably possible.

UL, Woodstock

I'm pleased and impressed with the physical therapy I received here, but it's also always such a joy to come in! Everyone is so friendly and the whole experience is so social. The environment is as healing as the exercises!

BM, Kingston

I started therapy at Kingston Physical Therapy after injuring both shoulders, and was able to avoid surgery on one shoulder. After surgery on the other the pain and stiffness were incredible, but I quickly regained much of my range of motion with little or no pain. By the time I was done I had nearly full mobility and only occasional discomfort. I was given everything I needed to continue my therapy at home. I always received more information from Patrick than any of the physicians.

MR, Hurley

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